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Worthy Park Estate, Pure Chocolate square up at Jamaica Rum Festival

As featured in Loop News Jamaica on July 1, 2022:

A perfect pair: The Jamaican-owned line of Pure Chocolate and Worthy Park’s pot-still aged rum at The Jamaica Rum Festival ‘Pot-still and Pods’ seminar. (Photos: VP Solutions)
A perfect pair: The Jamaican-owned line of Pure Chocolate and Worthy Park’s pot-still aged rum at The Jamaica Rum Festival ‘Pot-still and Pods’ seminar. (Photos: VP Solutions)

It’s no secret that rum and coffee go hand in hand, cacao and sugar cane are among the crops/produce that define Jamaica’s rich agricultural heritage.

Coincidentally, the flavours of rum and chocolate pair seamlessly; the intense notes of premium-aged rum lend themselves to chocolate’s sometimes fruity-nutty-bitter-earthy flavour notes.

Some distilleries locally even use natural cacao in the blending processes that result in the finished rum product so many love to imbibe.

It’s only right then, that Worthy Park Estate’s pot-still aged rum range was paired with Pure Chocolate Jamaica’s artisanal chocolate for the ‘Pot-still and Pods’ seminar at the Jamaica Rum Festival.

Guided by Worthy Park Estate’s Senior Blender and Quality Control Manager Craig Nicholson, and Pure Chocolate Jamaica’s chocolatier Jamalia Wright, guests experienced a carefully curated tasting exercise.

There were five pot-still distilled rum products from the Rum-Bar and Worthy Park rum portfolios that were paired with five varying flavours of premium hand-made chocolate.

Guests enjoyed this tasting experience while learning about the history and art of pot-still rum-making.

“Dark chocolate is the best accompaniment to aged rum, generating a sensory spectrum that is difficult to match. This rum tasting combined five delectable premium chocolates from Pure Chocolate Jamaica, and I’m telling you, the mixture of flavours are one-of-a-kind!” explains Craig Nicholson.

So how did this collaboration come about?

“Food and drink pairings are always [objective to the participant], but during an impromptu session with Pure Chocolate Jamaica at their newly opened facility at Chukka Island Village Outpost in Ocho Rios, we tested many variations and felt that the selection that was presented paired the absolute best,” he said.

Nicholson believes that the unique characteristics of Worthy Park Rum's authentic 100% copper pot-still-distilled rums match well with the earthiness and richness of the chocolates by Pure Chocolate Jamaica.

“With the variety of chocolates they create,” the senior blender noted, “it was relatively easy finding ones that matched with our variety of expressions.”

The Jamaica Rum Festival ‘Pot-still and Pods’ seminar included these combinations:

- Pure Chocolate Jamaica dark chocolate coupled with aged Worthy Park Single Estate 2007 barrel series exclusively created for Half Moon resort.

- Cinnamon-flavoured Pure Chocolate Jamaica Dark chocolate yoked well with full-bodied dark rum Worthy Park 109.

- Pure Chocolate Jamaica White Chocolate flavoured with beetroot and cranberry matched with fan-favourite Rum-Bar White Overproof rum.

- Pure Chocolate Jamaica Dark chocolate with medium-bodied 4-12 year aged Worthy Park Select Jamaica Rum made a perfect duo

- Pure Chocolate Jamaica Milk Chocolate infused with ginger and specula as with recently launched premium Worthy Park Rum Cream were a match made in heaven.

- Pure Chocolate Jamaica’s Rennae Johnson explains the genesis of the collaboration based on both brands’ values.

“Rum and chocolate are no strangers, oftentimes you will find truffles and bonbons filled with liquor. What made this collaboration different is the fact that both companies are proud Jamaican single-estate producers with strong values towards building our local communities and supporting our farmers. Together we came up with the idea to create a signature Worthy Park Select rum chocolate that highlights the best of both worlds,” Johnson said.

“JRF’s rum seminar participants loved the flavours and the combination of the cocoa nibs and the kick of rum in the Worthy Park Select chocolate and we love the synergy and vibes we have with Worthy Park Estate.” Johnson shared excitedly.

Pure Jamaica Chocolate is sold online and at local retailers island-wide.

Worthy Park Estate Limited is a Jamaican-owned and family-run Worthy Park Estate is the oldest distillery in Jamaica located 1200 feet above sea level in Lluidas Vale, approximately 15mins minutes outside Ewarton, St. Catherine.

Today, Worthy Park Estate operates as Jamaica’s second-largest rum branded rum company and exports a variety of both un-aged and aged products to over 30 countries across the globe.

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